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Why the United Kingdom?


An understanding of the value of:

  • Business requirements such as processes in relation to switching suppliers.
  • Commercial security, vital when dealing with equipment.
  • Stable and progressive long-term business relationships.


  • A long history of delivering products and services on time,
    to specification, and at the agreed price.
  • Long-term value for money by maintaining product integrity
    and reliability.


  • A proven track record of excellence in delivering high quality goods and services.


UK companies are recognised internationally for their expertise in delivering innovative and sustainable airport solutions.

We have 250 specialist companies who operate in 100 countries to support the world’s top 60 airports with services,
equipment and construction programmes.

A global flight centre

London’s airports combined form the busiest aviation centre in Europe, handling over 153 million passengers annually.
We also handle around 2.4 million tonnes of global air cargo.

Being able to meet demands of this scale has positioned the UK civil aviation authority and air traffic control companies as best in class for safety, regulation and air traffic management.

Trusted advisors

UK consultancies offer core expertise that spans airport design, engineering, operations and equipment.

We have advised governments considering new airport builds and extensions, and helped with financial predictions, transport interconnections, environmental considerations and much more.

Iconic airport design

The ability to blend creative vision and strong structural knowledge has resulted in British concepts come to life as some of the world’s most striking
and iconic international airport buildings.

Engineering solutions

Our world-renowned engineering companies have worked globally on all aspects of airport development.

Sustainable solutions are also our speciality. It was UK engineering expertise that helped Dublin Airport’s terminal lower their emissions by up to 32%, saving 6,000 tonnes of CO2 per annum.

Airport equipment

The UK has a complete supply chain of specialised product companies that service the global airport market. Our dedicated trade associations,
The British Aviation Group (BAG) and British Airport Services and Equipment Association (BASEA), provide overseas customers with focal points on accessing equipment suppliers.

World-leading operations

The UK has also developed integrated systems that work in harmony with an airport’s masterplan to increase operational efficiency.

Examples include site management systems that monitor spillages, air traffic control systems that reduce CO2 emissions and the
environmentally safe de-icing of planes.


UK construction firms and consultancies are regarded as trusted partners due to our reputation for quality, professionalism, sustainability expertise
and safety standards.

Pushing the boundaries of design and planning

The complexity of today’s construction and engineering projects is changing the way we build.

Whether it is raising the energy efficiency of building construction and operations or developing specialist materials and products, we have over 16,000 firms delivering unique solutions for clients globally.

Internationally renowned consultancy services

In an industry characterised by complexity and risk, you need partners with an unrelenting focus on excellence. The breadth of UK consultancy expertise ranges from strategic advice and analysis to materials technology.

Transforming cities through regeneration

The UK has pioneered the use of Public Private Partnerships (PPP) to share the risks and costs of urban development between public and private sectors.

All centrally procured government programmes require Building Information Modelling Level 2, resulting in UK regeneration specialists being adept at delivering even greater cost efficiencies.

Green cities and sustainable development

Through the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) and Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), to BRE with its Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) standard of environmental performance, and the Building Information Modelling (BIM) Task Group, our construction sector has developed an enviable track record for bringing the know-how, technology and business models to successful sustainable development projects around the world.

World-class contractors

Already favoured partners for constructing buildings, roads, tunnels, bridges and specialised construction capabilities, our contractors are now increasingly sought out for their unique abilities in low carbon, resource efficient and climate-resilient solutions.

For example, UK contractor Balfour Beatty along with local contractor Gammon Ltd, won the contract to build Hong Kong’s first zero carbon building – the Construction Industry Council headquarters.

Forging connections – roads, bridges and tunnels

UK construction has world-leading capabilities in providing efficient and effective road networks as well as in the planning, design and project management of bridge and tunnel construction projects.

We are home to some 375 contracting firms in this specialism, many of them global players at the cutting-edge of innovation such as Balfour Beatty, Bechtel and BAM Nuttall.

Leading manufacturer and exporter of construction products


The home of world-class mining expertise

The UK delivers world-class capabilities to the global mining sector, with four of the top five leading globally diversified mining companies listed in London. In 2017, UK-listed mining companies had a total market capitalisation of $425bn, more than any other financial market in the world. Supporting this access to capital, the UK is home to a huge concentration of professional service providers delivering legal, financial, due diligence and technical expertise to miners, owners, nation states and investors.

Organisations around the world are able to benefit from the UK’s strong and established companies who are internationally experienced, offer world-class servicing and supply-chain security.

Heritage and innovation

The UK has been one of the leading lights of the world mining industry for the past 150 years. It was a pioneer of the industrial revolution — a revolution fuelled by mining. Since then, the UK’s mining sector has evolved into a world-leading provider of innovative solutions to the greatest challenges
facing the global mining industry.

Working in partnership with governments around the world

UK consultancies and multinationals work closely with governments to support diverse and sustainable economic growth from mining sector investment. This recognises UK world-leading expertise in master planning from the individual mine, to local, country and macroeconomic level. UK firms provide leading expertise in port operations and assessment of operational logistics. These include consultancy services for project, port and freight terminal integration ensuring economic distribution of the mined product.

Outstanding mining services that add long term value

  • Professional services respected worldwide – UK professional services companies provide combined commercial and strategic advisory services designed to help deliver long-term sustainable economic benefit to mining companies and to the regions in which they operate.
  • World-class legal expertise – UK mining lawyers have unparalleled experience in resolving complex issues, buying, selling, financing and developing projects in many of the most important mining jurisdictions across the world. They deliver policy, regulatory and contractual frameworks that shape whole-life strategies for mining.
  • Trusted accountancy, consultancy and insurance services – UK advisers, including accountancy practices and management consultancies deliver combined commercial and strategic advisory services, designed to deliver long-term economic benefit to mining companies and the regions in which they operate.

Our companies have a long record of providing additional value to the mining sector by the provision of associated advisory services that help the sector manage governance and investment risk.

London is the only city in the world where all 20 of the world’s largest insurers and reinsurers have offices.

Supplying the energy for every challenge

The UK is renowned for its prowess in designing and implementing innovative and sustainable energy sources, as well as engineering sophisticated distribution networks and services. To help mitigate the increasing cost of power in many mining locations, British firms have developed unique generation and distribution technologies, including energy management, renewable power and energy from waste solutions.

Essential and sustainable water management

UK consultancies provide the expertise alongside UK-based water technologies companies to deliver water management solutions across the entire mining lifecycle. The UK is also a world leader in advanced water purification and wastewater treatment, including desalination and reverse osmosis designed to minimise the impact on local communities and the environment. British companies also provide equipment that extracts, transports, purifies, processes, and treats water and wastewater with the aim of achieving zero net discharge.

Global experience for mine design

Cost-efficient infrastructure is vital for the overall financial viability of mine development, especially as newer mines tend to be in more remote locations. British companies are experts at designing, planning and building infrastructure that is fit for purpose across the lifespan of the mine at a viable cost.

UK contractors are experts at planning and building transport infrastructure, such as ports, roads, railways and airstrips. Our civil engineers design and construct the bridges, embankments, cuttings and tunnels that enable transport, utility and pipeline infrastructure to be created.

Providing equipment and processes

The UK’s processing and refining capabilities include project management, design, plant construction, operation and process control capabilities.

Bespoke products for the mining industry produced by UK-based companies range from high-output engines able to perform under extreme conditions;
to silent conveyor gearboxes that can operate within strict local noise-control regulations.

Research and Development

Countries around the world are developing their own mining capabilities by tapping into the UK’s world-leading strengths in innovative solutions, education and training provision.

UK-based academic and corporate research institutes conduct world-leading research – both pure and applied – into every area of the mining industry and its supply chain. Four of the world’s top 10 universities are in the UK, each featuring world-leading geoscience, minerals and materials, and engineering research centres. This breadth and depth of research underpins the country’s mining expertise.


Ever since the earliest years of train travel, the UK has occupied a unique position as pioneers of the railways. Today, our railway industry is amongst the best in the world across all elements of rail systems: from the planning and design of projects all the way through to whole-life asset management.

Planning, design and project delivery: talent and experience

UK suppliers are flexible and adaptable. They often partner with other nations’ suppliers to forge the strongest possible overall offer for clients.

Whether you are a government agency looking for advice on a project that will have a transformational impact on your country’s transport infrastructure,
or a client who wants to know how your project costs measure up against similar projects in the rail sector, you can find the answer in the UK.

Advisory services – expert consultancy

Governments, infrastructure providers and transport authorities across the world already value UK expertise in advisory services delivered
by a diverse body of UK consultants.

Operations expertise

The UK franchising model gives private operators commercial incentives to attract more passengers and contain costs. As pioneers in this area,
it is unsurprising international clients are increasingly seeking UK expertise in structural reform and rail operations.

Comprehensive rail infrastructure and equipment

The UK rail industry supports a strong supply chain that delivers proven and innovative solutions to rail clients in the UK and internationally.

We export a diverse range of products including ballast stabilisation and drainage, friction management solutions as well as track plant
and maintenance equipment.

World-leading asset management

UK expertise in rail infrastructure asset management is the best in the world – The UK Standard, PAS 55 (now ISO 55000), sets the benchmark for modern asset management systems. Railway and track operators globally rely on UK know-how to deliver major gains in efficiency and make the most of their valuable assets.

Safety expertise

The UK is almost unique in having a dedicated rail industry body in the Railway Safety and Standards Board (RSSB), which supports the industry collectively with authoritative data, analysis, standards, research and technical expertise in enhancing safety as part of improving business performance.

As safety standards and security requirements become more stringent, rail operators around the world are tapping into the UK’s wealth of expertise to improve safety without incurring prohibitive costs.

Specialist education, training and workforce development

The UK boasts a number of railway education and training institutions that offer world-leading industry-specific and vocational programmes: The National Skills Academy for Rail (NSAR), The National Training Academy for Rail (NTAR) and The National College for High Speed Rail (NCHSR).

Innovative Research and Development

Developing innovative solutions for the challenges facing modern railways, over 40 UK universities are involved in rail-related research activities with Birmingham, Huddersfield, Sheffield, Nottingham, Southampton, NewRail at Newcastle University and Imperial College London amongst the most prominent.


With decades of experience in developing integrated water-resource management solutions and techniques within a competitive, highly regulated environment, companies within the innovative UK water industry are now used by many international governments and organisations to help meet
their own challenges.

A world-leading water industry

With 99.96% of water samples meeting drinking water standards in 2015, the UK water industry provides the public with some of the cleanest
drinking water in the world.

This highly regulated environment and broad range of capabilities are helping our partners around the world.

Supply and distribution expertise

The UK has world-class capabilities in no-dig pipe refurbishment and replacement; metering and monitoring; and the integration, transmission and application of mobile data. Such abilities have helped increase efficiencies across water management systems globally.

Playing a global role in the fight against water scarcity

The UK has developed pioneering technologies to help identify new sources of water, as well as cutting-edge methods in desalination.

One such UK desalination contractor is Biwater, which currently has the largest installed capacity of membranes in the United States. In 2003, Biwater built one of the largest nanofiltration plants in the world (150,000m3/day). In 2009, Biwater completed the 228,000m3/day reverse osmosis plant at the Sembcorp Changi NEWater Plant in Singapore, the largest in South East Asia.

A model for wastewater management

The UK is a pioneer in wastewater treatment with Bazalgette’s London sewer system heralding the construction of the world’s first modern sewer systems in 1875.

British wastewater companies provide a full range of services to their international clients, including upgrading and renovating existing systems.

Helping to balance the world’s water needs

The UK offers considerable expertise which can help in this area.

For example, ADAS, the UK’s largest agricultural and environmental advisors, worked together with the UK Met Office to develop a highly successful algorithm that takes into account very localised weather forecasts and other data, such as soil type, altitude and crop details, to enable farmers to manage their crops in a more water-efficient way.

World-leading flood defence capabilities

The UK has a wealth of experience, techniques and resources to reduce the human and environmental impact of floods. We have developed world-leading modelling expertise that enables accurate risk assessment and harnesses data to implement flood-management solutions.

UK flood-modelling solutions can also be extended over very large areas, whole regions or even small countries, to allow the identification and implementation of strategic flood-management strategies.

Leading a smart water revolution

UK-based companies are supporting the transformation of water utilities by using smart, data-based technology. Through predictive control and advanced automation tools, British companies are reducing operational costs, increasing asset reliability and maximising utilisation.

Committed to research excellence and innovation

The UK funds some £120 million of water research and innovation every year through its research councils.

Of the UK’s construction product sector output is exported
Source: The Construction Equipment Association, 2017

Success in delivering construction projects to timescale, specification and budget depends heavily on a reliable supply chain of high-quality construction products. Internationally, we are a trusted supplier of a broad range of products covering precast concrete to plastics.

Commercial help and support

The UK’s Department for International Trade has commercial officers in more than 100 locations across the world. They can connect you to UK capability, and UK Export Finance that helps offer competitive finance to overseas procurers of UK goods and services.


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